• Duna Plaza

    Duna Plaza, the first western-style shopping centre to be built in Hungary. This was back in 1996, but in 2002 the mall was renovated and enlarged to cover a total surface of 37,000 square metres bursting with fun, leisure, restaurants and hundreds of shops.

  • BP Shop

    The latest, snow shite store of BP Shop opened in Hercegprímás Street in the summer of 2017. Named after the famous brand slogan, Budafcknpest Store offers the usual premium quality streetwear, including shoes, hoodies, and caps. In addition to selling its own brand products, the store also distributes the products Read more [...]

  • Fashion Street

    Fashion Street Pune. Much like the street with the same name in Mumbai, Pune’s Fashion Street sells a huge variety of clothes you to satiate the shopaholic and fashionista in you. From the latest trends to underground grunge, this marketplace has it all. If you’re an indecisive shopper, you’d be Read more [...]

  • Corvin

    Underground Above The City” is only one way to summarize what Corvin, this iconic club of Budapest’s nightlife stands for. Having undergone a recent revamping under a new and very dedicated management, it now boasts a 600-capacity main hall, a smaller bar with its own distinct musical programming, thundering … Read more [...]

  • Allee

    Allée: Allée,, feature of the French formal garden that was both a promenade and an extension of the view. It either ended in a terminal feature, such as a garden temple, or extended into apparent infinity at the horizon. The allée normally passed through a planted boscage (a small wood); Read more [...]